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Bug Proofing Your Home Before Summer

Summer is the season for sunny days, trips to the beach, vacations with your family and friends, and unfortunately, also for bugs. Whether they seem harmless or not, all bugs pose health and safety risks that are of increasing concern when they infiltrate your home. Along with regular cleaning practices, it is also a great

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Brighten Your Home with a Sunroom

One of the best parts about the spring and summer is entertaining your family and friends while enjoying the nice weather together. Sometimes the fun can be spoiled by weather unpredictability or pesky bugs that come out during warm temperatures. Your trusted Staten Island contractors at AJC Renovations can install a sunroom as an addition

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Expand Your Space with a Custom Home Addition

Does your house suddenly feel too small for you and your family? Are you constantly cramped with no room to move? When relocating to a new residence is just not a viable option, what else can you do to obtain extra space? Constructing an addition to your Staten Island home might be the solution to

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Basement Renovations

One of the most efficient ways to create an addition to your home is to make use of the space you already have. Right there in your own house, you can easily create the gym or entertainment center you have always wanted. If you do not have the time or cannot afford to build a

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Outdated to Outstanding: Home & Interior Renovation

Have you been living in your outdated home for years and find yourself wishing it had more modern features? Is moving or turning renovations into a DIY project unreasonable due to time and money? You really want your house to look revitalized and cannot think of any other options, so what can you do? Let

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Fast and Easy Tips to Weatherproof Your Home

When the winter chill can be felt indoors, you might be experiencing a draft and loss of heat due to poor insulation. This is not only uncomfortable for you and your family, but also a waste of energy. Weatherproofing your home can resolve this problem while saving both the environment and your money. Cold air

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Roof Raising Staten Island

Just Raise the Roof on your Staten Island home! Your home is a sentimental place. Over the years, your family has grown and built many memories there, but suddenly, you look around and feel as though the home you love is shrinking. You’re fond of the neighborhood you live in and dread the search for

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AJC Renovations Staten Island

We are very excited to introduce our new website to the public. You can find information about all of our services, including home renovations, interior renovations, home remodeling, home additions, roof raising, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations and remodeling, basement construction and design ideas; view our previous work and get a better idea of what AJC

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