Expand Your Space with a Custom Home Addition

Does your house suddenly feel too small for you and your family? Are you constantly cramped with no room to move? When relocating to a new residence is just not a viable option, what else can you do to obtain extra space?

Constructing an addition to your Staten Island home might be the solution to your troubles.  Custom home additions are made specifically for you, and design and details are planned based upon your needs and wants. Not only will a home addition give you the extra space you are looking for, but it will also greatly enhance the value of your home. A home addition can be as small as adding a garage to your house or expanding a room for extra storage, or sometimes as significant as constructing an entirely new floor.

If you are looking to turn these ideas into reality, trust the experts at AJC Renovations who are experienced in home addition construction in Staten Island. We have been creating custom home additions for 15 years and will carefully and effectively plan in order to make your visions come to life. View our gallery to see some of the ways in which we can turn your current home into one that is bigger and better than you could have imagined.

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