Bug Proofing Your Home Before Summer

Summer is the season for sunny days, trips to the beach, vacations with your family and friends, and unfortunately, also for bugs. Whether they seem harmless or not, all bugs pose health and safety risks that are of increasing concern when they infiltrate your home. Along with regular cleaning practices, it is also a great idea to bug proof your home. At AJC Renovations, we will safely bug proof your home before the summer begins to protect you and your loved ones from any insect infestations.

Keeping all of the rooms in your home clean, especially the kitchen, and using bug repellant are very important in insect prevention, but sometimes these methods are not enough. We will go a step further and block all of the access points that allow bugs to sneak inside the home. Any cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior will be sealed and all entry points will be tightened.

Any tears in your window screens will be patched to prevent easy entry and we will make sure that all window screens fit properly to your window frames. All incoming pipes and wires will be checked for proper sealant along with the foundation for cracks. Fixing leaks will be one of the major priorities as insects are attracted to moisture.

At AJC Renovations, our goal is to protect and improve Staten Island homes, and part of that means keeping as many bugs out as possible. It is vital that you keep your home clean, use bug repellant where necessary and maintain your home so that you are aware of any conditions that allow bugs to enter. When you need the extra reassurance, give AJC a call and you’ll sleep calmly knowing that your home is safe from pesky bugs this summer!

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