Fast and Easy Tips to Weatherproof Your Home

When the winter chill can be felt indoors, you might be experiencing a draft and loss of heat due to poor insulation. This is not only uncomfortable for you and your family, but also a waste of energy. Weatherproofing your home can resolve this problem while saving both the environment and your money.

Cold air can enter through windows, doors, attics and basements. AJC Renovations hears these complaints regularly from customers in Staten Island who are dealing with extreme seasonal changes seen in the Northeast. There are some steps that you can take on your own to prevent the unwanted bitter cold from entering your home. Some easy ways to block a draft coming from underneath doors is to purchase a door draft stopper or weather strip. This runs along the bottom of outside doors and stops air from coming or going. If you do not have storm windows, a thick curtain can help reduce cold air penetrating window frames. Seal any drafty areas around windows and doors or outside the home with caulk or expanding foam for an airtight fit. Electrical outlet fixtures can often be the source of the problem as well, so use foam to seal behind them if there appears to be a draft.

An uninsulated or under insulated attic and basement are often responsible for the largest amount of lost heat and drafts in winter. By insulating the attic, warm air, which rises, will stay in your living space instead of escaping and expending unnecessary energy. Basements also often have exposed ducts and leaky windows. AJC Renovations is a general contractor that is experienced in insulating homes safely and effectively. Don’t just dream of a warm and toasty home during these frigid temperatures. Whether you’re looking to fix the problem now or in preparation for next winter, trust your local Staten Island Contractor AJC in your time of need.

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