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Kitchen Remodeling: Contemporary Creations

As the place where you begin your day and spend countless hours preparing meals and eating with your family, the kitchen is often seen as the most important room in your home. If you wish your kitchen had more space for you to maneuver around and entertain guests or simply more modern features and appliances,

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The Great Room: Creating a Multifunctional Space

Have you ever been inside a home that appears to have a kitchen, living room and family room all in one? It’s known as a great room, and it is a popular option for individuals who desire a large, open multifunctional space within their house. The great room trend stems from a rising desire for

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Add Storage Space with a Custom Garage

Do you want more storage space for outdoor equipment in your home? Do you wish you had a safer place for your vehicles so that they would not have to be out on the street and unprotected from the elements of the unpredictable weather? If you are looking for a solution to either of these

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Commercial Renovations: Revamp Your Business

Have you been working in the same space for years and it is beginning to feel cramped with not enough room? Do you wish that your business had extra space for the growing number of people or products, but moving your location is just not a viable option due to time and money? Maybe you

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Roof Raising Staten Island

Just Raise the Roof on your Staten Island home! Your home is a sentimental place. Over the years, your family has grown and built many memories there, but suddenly, you look around and feel as though the home you love is shrinking. You’re fond of the neighborhood you live in and dread the search for

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AJC Renovations Staten Island

We are very excited to introduce our new website to the public. You can find information about all of our services, including home renovations, interior renovations, home remodeling, home additions, roof raising, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations and remodeling, basement construction and design ideas; view our previous work and get a better idea of what AJC

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