The Great Room: Creating a Multifunctional Space

Have you ever been inside a home that appears to have a kitchen, living room and family room all in one? It’s known as a great room, and it is a popular option for individuals who desire a large, open multifunctional space within their house.

The great room trend stems from a rising desire for fluid movement through different areas of the home to create a space that fosters more family interaction. With this layout, you no longer have to choose between the kitchen, living room or family room for the go-to communal location in the home—they will all be the hub of the action. Also, in many homes, the living room and family room might be adorned with expensive furniture and artwork and not be fully utilized on a regular basis. By creating a great room that is cozy enough for relaxing and chic enough for entertaining, you can take full advantage of the space in its entirety, making it much more usable and practical.

Dividing a great room to keep the free-flow while also distinguishing between kitchen, living room and family room can be as simple as using furniture for definition. Keep in mind the purpose of the room when decorating. Medium and large couches should be placed away from walls to fill the space. Adding a recliner with a bookshelf off to the side can create an intimate personal space within the great room for alone time while still keeping a familial atmosphere.

If you are looking to modernize your home and create space without an addition, the raised ceilings coupled with the large open space of a great room can make you feel as though your home has suddenly expanded. The Staten Island Contractors at AJC Renovations can create a plan for a new layout that will transform your home into something new that will enable you to use every inch of space for various uses.

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