Add Storage Space with a Custom Garage

Do you want more storage space for outdoor equipment in your home? Do you wish you had a safer place for your vehicles so that they would not have to be out on the street and unprotected from the elements of the unpredictable weather? If you are looking for a solution to either of these problems, the professional Staten Island contractors at AJC Renovations can create a custom garage just for you to add style, security and additional space to your home.

A garage is the ideal place to store tools, holiday decorations, bikes and lawn mowers and serves as protection for your vehicles. You can sleep easily at night knowing your vehicle is not left out on the street and is secure in your custom built garage. Save money on expensive car washes by keeping your car inside and away from the dirt, pollen and leaves. When the winter comes, you will no longer have to endure walking to your car in freezing temperatures or scraping ice and snow off your car. There will be no hassle and you will save time in the morning.

Even with a small garage, you will be amazed at how much extra storage space you can actually get. Adding shelves on the walls and hooks that are well-designed can give you so much more space for your valuables. The addition of a garage to your house has many more benefits than just extra storage space and a safe place to park your vehicles.  With a little consideration and careful planning, you can turn your garage into any additional room that you did not have enough space for within your home, like a playroom, workshop or office.

When you allow the preferred Staten Island contractors at AJC Renovations to build a custom garage for you, you can choose the design, the colors and the doors so that it complements the personality of your home and the people living in it. You will never have to worry about what is happening to your car when it is on the street. You can now also have the additional room you have wanted in your home for a long time that was just never an option before.

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