Sending Your Kid To College?

School is now in session and your child is away at college. It is finally peaceful at home. The possibilities are endless. So why not take this opportunity to make some changes at home?

Maybe your child has grown too big for his/her room, or your teenager is transitioning to a young adult and it is about time his/her room reflected that, or just maybe, they have finally left the nest for good.

Whatever the case, now is the chance to do some remodeling. Whether you want to surprise your star student when he/she returns home for winter break, or convert their old room for your own purposes, the Staten Island contractors at AJC can provide you with the best services for remodeling any room to your desire.

Every child deserves his/her own space, especially as they transition to adulthood. Reward them with a newly remodeled room. Make the transition easier for them and the job easier for yourself by hiring AJC to do the work for you. Expand the room to allow for more work space, college friends to come and hang out, and give your child the ability to become his own person.

If they’ve left the nest, the room is your oyster. Remodel it to fit your needs and interests. Perhaps now you can have your own personal gym and commit to working out. Create a study with efficient storage for all your work, books, and documents. Create a guest room and invite the in-laws over more often. Or even a playroom for your newly adopted pet that is meant to replace your child.

Whatever your situation, AJC is there to do the job. Tear down those walls and liberate yourself from the old and move towards the future. We value our clients, and will help you through this transitional phase by meeting all your remolding needs.

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