Keep it Traditional: Staten Island Home Restorations

Is there a rich history in the design of your old home? Has it been passed down from generation to generation and holds sentimental value to your family? Even so, an old home doesn’t have to look tattered and worn. Years of weather can take a toll on the exterior of your home. These damages can be more troublesome than simply leaving an unsightly appearance, which can make selling your home difficult when the time comes.

Performing a home restoration in Staten Island can be just the thing to bring new life to an aged exterior. Bright new siding and a fresh paint job with appropriate colors to fit the time period of your home’s construction will update the look while preserving its historical features. Restoring original mouldings to reveal a clean appearance can keep the true beauty of your home intact.

Not only will these improvements make your home more attractive, they will also have functional benefits. Adding new windows, window sills and siding will provide better insulation than is typically found in an older home. This will allow you to save on heating and cooling depending on the season.

Whether you plan on passing your piece of history down to the next generation of your family or selling it for a profit, make it something that both you and passersby can recognize as a work of art by restoring it to original condition. AJC Renovations can perform a restoration on your Staten Island home to uncover the antique charm that might have been overlooked.

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