How to choose a contractor

Buying your house was the biggest financial decision you’ve ever made in your life.  Now, you want to stay in love with your house and have it mimic your personality as it changes with growth.  How do you choose the right contractor to see the same vision you do?

  1. Have a plan: When a contractor has a client that knows exactly what he/she wants, the vision is easier to see on both ends.  Having a plan is also important for the client because this will help to have a more accurate estimate.
  2. Make sure the Contractor you are interested in is fully qualified: Besides having all of the licenses and permits, being “qualified” also means experience and successful past projects.  Ask during the interview about the past projects he/she has worked on and ask for references.
  3. Meet with your contractor in person: After you had a few phone interviews, it is best to meet your contractor in person. Meeting in person will ensure good communication in your plans and estimation of price.  Making plans is a great idea but there can be miscommunication in what you are willing to spend and what kind of project you want done.

Renovating your house is a creative project which you want to have the right people for.  At AJC Renovations your house is just as important to us as it is to you.  AJC with ensure you are in the right hands to start renovating your home.

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