Get Educated On Why It Is Crucial To Have A Licensed Contractor

In New York City, everything is motivated and encouraged to be done “Fast and Cheap.Although it’s ideal, it is not realistic.  Being that your home is the biggest purchase you will make in your life, you should be concerned in making sure renovating it is done perfectly.   

Many people skip the importance of hiring a license detailed contractor thinking it will be much cheaper which is a safe bet.  Hiring a Contractor that isn’t licensed is called “on the side work” and many people decide it is better to save the money than to think about protecting their home.   

What isn’t realized is that an unlicensed contractor cannot be held responsible or accountable for any mishaps during the process.  Let’s say your friend suggests a contractor to you but isn’t licensed and you move forward with the process allowing the team to work on your home without a license or a contract. Then the unlicensed team butchers the job and/or leaves the job before finishing. You as a client of an unlicensed contractor are not able to pursue any act of law. This will leave you with an unfinished or messed up renovation that could have been easily avoided

Many people believe that having a contractor with a license makes them certified to charge more.  The reason for the license is to protect clients in case there is a serious problem or issue on either ends.  The license ensures that contractors will abide by their contract and do everything the right way, price is sorted out, and both ends have a complete equal understanding of what will be done.  


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